Family law digital marketing provides family law firms with an abundance of ways to connect with prospective clients and demonstrate their expertise, such as content marketing, social media promotion and online advertising.

Reducing client anxiety through thoughtful messaging or SEO strategies that establish trust before potential clients arrive is the cornerstone of family law digital marketing success. There are multiple strategies you can employ to increase visibility online and attract more business.

Website Design

Family law digital marketing demands an investment in website. Your clients entrust you with personal matters that need to be handled, so building an authentic and trustworthy presence online and creating content tailored specifically towards them are essential steps in developing relationships and earning client trust.

Your website home page should portray trustworthiness and empathy through an aesthetic that conveys peace and tranquility, such as using shades of blue and green that evoke emotions in potential clients.

Your family law firm should include service pages highlighting the specific legal issues they specialize in. These should be written well, structured with geo-location in mind and search engines should make them visible to their target audiences. Adding client reviews sections also add credibility and encourage more people to reach out and contact your firm.


Digital marketing refers to using online channels to promote and sell products or services, in family law firms’ case it can range from creating content and generating leads, building an online reputation, engaging existing clients or simply increasing traffic on a website.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the key elements in any digital marketing strategy, and for family law it can be particularly pivotal as it helps you rank highly in search engine results pages (SERPs) when potential clients search for legal services your firm provides – this could result in increased website traffic, leads and business.

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Not only should you use SEO, but you should also employ paid advertising strategies like Google Local Service Ads and Facebook ads. In addition, setting up a newsletter and collecting client reviews on your Google Business Profile page are other effective ways of increasing online visibility for your firm. Although all these strategies require additional time commitments, their return can be immense when expanding the reach and market potential of your firm.

Local Market Strategy

Local marketing strategies for family law firms are an effective way to reach potential clients on multiple fronts. Many legal consumers seek an attorney who can be both counselor and advocate in matters like divorce, custody disputes and other complex legal disputes.

Consumers rely heavily on recommendations and reviews when searching for family law attorneys. Therefore, it’s crucial that businesses utilize online review management systems or other strategies for generating positive client feedback through their websites or Google Business Profiles.

Another effective strategy for increasing visibility is through paid ads. Google Local Service Ads (LSAs), for example, offer a pay-per-lead model allowing potential clients to contact or message your firm and only pay when they do. You can optimize LSAs further by optimizing content, information and reviews in your Google Business Profile which are key ranking factors on search engine results pages (SERP). A well-optimized GBP with relevant keywords may attract new leads while improving family law firm visibility.

Analytics and Monitoring

Digital marketing is essential for any business, but family law firms in particular must prioritize it to reach clients looking for emotional as well as legal help. Empathic messaging plays a crucial role in building trusting relationships.

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Content focused around topics related to divorce, child custody and adoption can draw in prospects while building trust. Furthermore, social media can serve as an excellent venue to showcase success stories and client testimonials.

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is another effective strategy to gain more online exposure and drive traffic to your website quickly and effectively. PPC allows you to target ads only to people searching for specific terms like “family law lawyer” and “divorce attorney.” This method ensures your ads will reach just those looking for specific terms like these when conducting searches online. It provides targeted exposure with great returns in terms of gaining notice quickly while driving more visitors directly to your site.

Content Marketing

Digital marketing for family law firms involves more than making their website easy for potential clients to navigate. A content strategy can help build trust with potential clients, nurture leads through the buyer journey and fuel sustainable business growth.

FFAs (frequently asked questions) can be an excellent source of content that will rank well on search engine results pages. Our Jasper team can assist your firm in creating FAQs that address common concerns of those searching for family law services such as divorce, child custody and adoption.

YouTube videos are another effective tool a family law firm can use to establish credibility, draw in clients, and develop an active following. Jasper can assist your firm with producing informative and entertaining video content that shows clients exactly how your services can assist with their unique circumstances.

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Social Media Engagement

As many individuals seeking family law services do so for emotional reasons, it is vital that your marketing strategy demonstrates compassion towards its target market. Starting from your messaging and throughout the sales cycle (including post-sale follow ups ), an approach focusing on clients should be employed when approaching marketing strategies for these services.

So sharing a video that features one of your past custody clients who was grateful for your assistance is an effective way to deliver a caring message and generate leads during the consideration stage of client journey. This type of content helps build credibility, foster relationships and nurture leads.

Establishing a Facebook business page and running Google Local Service Ads are also cost-effective strategies for reaching potential clients. These ads appear in search results pages and allow you to target specific keywords relevant to your business. Furthermore, email automations–which send a series of informative emails after someone subscribes–are an invaluable way of keeping prospects engaged and nurturing them along their sales cycle journey.